Attracting, Incorporating and Retaining the Best Talent are Keys to Grifols’ Success 

Amid an increasingly competitive global labor marketplace, Grifols’ Employer Branding project has become one of the company’s top priorities. In 2019, this project – which is focused on attracting and retaining talent, improving the recognition of our brand, increasing commitment and differentiating ourselves from our competitors – identified two lines of action:

1. Defining our Employee Value Proposition (EVP): “Our people change lives and help shape the future of healthcare, while growing and developing in a leading-edge thinking global business.”

Grifols seeks to express to both current and potential employees that passion, purpose, empowerment and teamwork are the keys to the company’s success.

2. Launch of the internal communication campaign “What You Do Matters”, which included more than 60 employees from around the world who shared how their work helps address the company’s challenges.

In 2020, the next step of the Employer Branding Project will be the launch of the external communication campaign to fortify Grifols’ ability to attract the best professionals who support its corporate values and objectives and can contribute to its future success and growth.

Training as a key to the company’s sustainable growth 

Professional development is key to compete in fast-paced globalized markets, which is why Grifols places emphasis on continuously enhancing the capabilities of its talent pool.

In 2019, the company focused its efforts on developing leadership competencies, promoting Grifols’ corporate culture, and maintaining its high standards trademark of quality, safety and technical excellence.

As a whole, Grifols’ workforce completed 1.99 million training hours* in 2019, reflecting more than 112 hours of training per employee. Women received 63% of the training hours provided and men received 37%.

* Reported data related to 84.4% of employees.

Professional development at a glance at Grifols




Training programs 

Grifols has experienced significant growth in recent years. The company’s policy of promoting talent internally plays – and will continue to play – a pivotal role in its sustainable growth. For this reason, it is firmly committed to investing in its talent pool.

Grifols provides programs to support internal talent in terms of growth and development. All these programs reinforce the corporate competency model: Grifolsmap
Grifols Academy

Grifols established The Grifols Academy in 2009 as part of its longstanding dedication to employees and other stakeholders. It encompasses the Professional Development Academy, the Academy of Plasmapheresis and the Academy of Transfusion Medicine. Through the Academies, Grifols ensures opportunities for educational and professional development for its staff on a global level; reinforces its corporate philosophy and values; and provides resources and services to medical professionals who contribute to improving client care. In addition to educating, Grifols’ Academy training programs and initiatives, have the common objective of actively driving the exchange of knowledge and experiences specific to the plasma industry, differentiating it from other conventional centers programs.

This seeks to strengthen corporate competencies and values by offering employees professional training and opportunities. It is focused on three main areas: corporate competency development, leadership development and onboarding initiatives.

  • 3,916 employees trained in 2019
  • 220 training sessions
  • Numerous customized programs and initiatives 

This offers general and specialized training in the field of plasma science, key leadership disciplines, quality, operations and medication, with the aim of strengthening Grifols’ employees opportunities for professional and educational development. 

  • 1,741 collaborators trained in 2019
  • 1,401 participants on campus
  • 340 distance participants
  • 31,827 hours of online training
  • 4,547 hours of distance training

The Accrediting Commission of the Accrediting Council for Continued Education & Training (ACCET) re-accredited The Grifols Academy of Plasmapheresis for another five years until December 30, 2024. 

The Academy received its first accreditation in 2015 for its standardized educational programs and its commitment to employee development. This accreditation provides impartial validation from a third party that the Academy of Plasmapheresis meets U.S. educational standards. 

This offers educational programs on transfusion medicine to professionals globally. Its goal is to contribute to advancement of knowledge in this field in order to provide better patient care. 

  • 2,251 transfusion medicine professionals trained in 2019
  • 16 educational programs: 8 web seminars, 5 Transfusion Science Educational Course (TSEC) courses and 3 practical laboratory workshops. 

Executive development 

The Professional Development Academy offers a broad portfolio of learning opportunities to drive business growth through strong leadership development.

Leadership initiatives are offered at all management levels to support the professional development of Grifols’ executives. The Professional Development Academy is continuously offering, expanding and improving its Leadership Development Program (LDP), which consists of several modules and is available to all Grifols managers worldwide. It also offers an executive development program to the organization’s top executives in association with ESADE Business School in Barcelona and the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

Association with College for America 

In 2013, The Grifols Academy joined the College for America program, led by Southern New Hampshire University, to offer its team the opportunity to obtain university degrees through scholarship funding. Through this collaboration, 77 Grifols employees have graduated, while 68 continue to pursue their bachelor’s degrees.

Tuition Programs – Educational expenses reimbursement program 

In addition to corporate programs, Grifols offers its employees training opportunities outside the company. Thanks to this flexibility, Grifols employees have been able to earn undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as certifications (in some cases of an advanced level) to strengthen their professional development.