Grifols has collaborated with the prestigious Fullbright Scholarship Program since 2013. Thanks to Grifols’ contributions, Spanish scholarship recipients were able to pursue and finalize master’s degrees in molecular medicine at the University of Maryland-Baltimore (U.S.) and in pharmaceutical sciences (Translational Medicine and Drug Discovery) at Northeastern University in Boston (U.S.). Fulbright scholarships form part of an academic aid program sponsored by the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, governments of other countries and the private sector.

As a member of the IQS Corporate Foundation, Grifols sponsors the Barcelona-based Process and Integrative Technology Transfer Center (Centro de Transferencia en Procesos y Tecnologías Integrativas), which seeks to become a state-of-the-art research and technology transfer platform for laboratories and companies. At the same time, the company sponsors Grifols Scholarships at the Institut Químic de Sarrià (IQS) in Barcelona (Spain) for students with outstanding academic credentials, exemplary attitudes and limited economic resources.

With Grifols’ sponsorship, the Spanish Foundation of Hospital Pharmacies established a prize in 2019 to recognize the best work featured in the Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacies magazine or those of Latin American hospital-pharmacy guilds. These professional associations aim to recognize innovations in the hospital pharmacy field.


Grifols approved its sponsorship policy in 2019. This policy regulates the company’s collaborations with diverse organizations dedicated to promoting sports, social (including healthcare), cultural and education initiatives. For 2020, it is endowed with EUR 600,000.

Grifols established the following criteria as a framework to determine the eligibility of these organizations, projects and initiatives:

  • All collaborations must support, complement or expand Grifols’ mission and values.
  • Comply with all corporate policies on ethics, transparency, conflict of interest, data protection and code of conduct.
  • A maximum 3 year-duration, expandable to 5 in exceptional cases.

Admission and evaluation criteria for applicants include:

  • Initiatives should be integrated into one of the categories established by Grifols: sport, social actions, culture and education.
  • Proof of good repute, good reputation and good practices in their field of action.
  • Be aware of all payments and obligations with government authorities.

Grifols does not accept requests from entities managed by a relative of any Grifols employee.

The Grifols Museum ReOpens in Barcelona

The company established the Grifols Museum over 20 years ago to showcase its rich intellectual, scientific and industrial heritage, as well as advances in the fields of hematology throughout the 20th century. The museum honors previous generations while reaffirming the company’s origins. Driven by its spirit of innovation, Grifols has become a forerunner in global healthcare and a trailblazer in new industry standards that today guide the production of plasma medications worldwide.

Preserving and spreading knowledge on the historical evolution of blood-related diseases and their treatment is the primary objective of this singular museum, which features engaging audiovisual displays to appeal to visitors of all ages.

In this way, the new Grifols Museum provides insights into the company’s history while highlighting the important collective progress made over the years, which today allow us to receive safe blood transfusions, discover our blood type, access plasma-derived medicines, understand the critical role of donors who make them possible and further explore the benefits of the plasmapheresis technique.

Viewed from this perspective, the social dimension of the Grifols Museum spotlights the company’s role as a wellspring of knowledge and a key driver of scientific and social progress.