Digital innovation is not a new concept for Grifols, serving as a strategic axis that enables the company to excel in a new organizational ecosystem and capitalize on growth opportunities. The Digital Committee leads the company’s digital transformation by exploring, evaluating and implementing digital tools that add value to the business model. Therefore, it defines priorities and objectives, prioritizes digital initiatives and fosters a digital culture based on cross-disciplinary collaboration and shared experiences

The Digitalization Committee includes different groups or Digital Transformation Teams (DTTs) that analyze and recommend digital proposals or initiatives that have the greatest potential for transformation in each of the areas.

In 2019, Grifols analyzed more than 60 digital-innovation projects and initiatives. Among other benefits, the projects launched will interconnect devices and bolster analyses of available data as a means to identify industrial efficiencies and quality improvements. It will also promote the most appropriate treatments for patients by obtaining analytical models of clinical data, as well as internally or externally collected information. During the year, Grifols reinforced its external collaborations in order to improve and build upon its in-house efforts.

Digital Committee