Grifols S.A., a company established in Spain and listed on the Spanish stock exchange, complies with the Spanish Law on Corporations and other applicable legislation. At the same time, as a foreign private issuer with securities listed in the United States, Grifols must also observe the relevant requirements of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the applicable NASDAQ Corporate Governance Standards and the U.S. Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. 

For Grifols, mere legal compliance is not enough. Therefore, it goes a step further by integrating the highest standards of honesty, integrity and transparency in its corporate governance, which manifest themselves in strict internal codes and regulations.


Grifols’ operations and stakeholder commitments are built on honesty, ethics, integrity and legal compliance, essential values that are deeply rooted in the company’s history. The Board of Directors and members of the executive team, as an essential value of our culture, actively promote these principles leading by example.


Grifols’ Code of Ethics for Executives and Board Directors, Code of Conduct, Crime Prevention Policy and Anti-Corruption Policy form the essential part of its compliance program, which is complimented by additional policies and procedures related to specific legal domains, compliance risks and country-specific requirements.

GRIFOLS CODE OF ETHICS FOR Executives and Board DirectorsManagers must renew their commitment to them annually. 

Grifols Code of Conduct All employees, including executive members and members of the administrative bodies, adhere to it writing. Those who join the Grifols workforce also receive specific training.

Grifols’ internal codes and regulations are public and available on www.grifols.com


By establishing corporate policies, Grifols is able to share and disseminate its ethical principles to the entire organization.

Corporate Responsibility

Communication with Financial Market Participants

Internal Code of Conduct Regarding Securities Markets

Fiscal Compliance and Good Practices

Control and Risk Management Policy

Board of Directors Remuneration Policy

Crime Prevention Policy

Anti-Corruption Policy

Selection Policy for Directors and Diversity on the Board of Directors

Global Privacy and Data Protection Policy


environmental Policy

Grifols’ corporate policies are public and available on www.grifols.com